The Perfect Relationship


Years of research conducted on thousands of couples resulted in a simple takeaway for a perfect relationship, and that is a magic ratio between two people. 

Many of us have heard about excellent relationships or couples who lived happily ever after. Despite enjoying the best connection with each other, there are instances when they may feel their relationship not working anymore.

Here, we are trying to decode The Perfect Relationship and whether it exists. 

We come across couples laughing together, thriving with each other, holding hands, and looking into each other’s eyes, but that in no way means that they are enjoying a perfect relationship. 

So, what exactly is a perfect relationship?

A relationship that enjoys the magic ratio can be considered a perfect relationship. A simple conversation between two people can help you find this elusive “magic ratio.” 

A study conducted in this field asked some questions from the couples, and based on the number of negative and positive responses gathered from them, researchers tried to find if the relationship was perfect.

Even in happy and content couples, there are disagreements and arguments. In every negative interaction, there were at least five positive interactions. 

Even when arguing, couples seem to pull each other’s legs, tease each other, have fun at the other’s expense, and more that is a sign of a healthy relationship.

How to Create a Perfect Relationship?

Perfect Relationship
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Having understood how perfect relationships work, here are a few tips that can help couples find the same happiness and satisfaction with each other. 

If you wish to enjoy an ultimate relationship with your soulmate, these tips are surely going to help you.

Open Conversations

No perfect relationships are not a myth, but a reality and the first tip to enjoy this reality is to have an open conversation with your soulmate every day. 

Both partners need to try to communicate with each other. If something is bothering you, it is vital to discuss and flush it out from your system.

There is no need to discuss only important things that are thought-provoking. You can even start with, “Hi! How are you?” or “How are you doing”. 

You can even ask him or her if there was anything that made him or her laugh that day. It is sure going to lead to a very enjoyable and relaxing conversation.

Share Your Needs

Share Your Needs
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Share Your Needs
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Since you must spend your whole life with each other, you need not live a life as per your partner. Instead of stifling your thoughts, needs, and wants, it is always better to be vocal about it. 

It will help your partner know what your needs and expectations are. Even if his needs do not coincide with yours, he can always give you space and bandwidth to fulfil your wants.

It is foolhardy to expect your partner to anticipate or predict your needs, emotions, desires, and thoughts. 

Your comfort level with him or her must be such that you are open about your feelings. It is sure to be reciprocated by your partner gently and lovingly.

Jot Down Your Thoughts

Before talking to your partner, it is always better to jot down your thoughts or what you want to communicate with your partner. 

With your thoughts well lined up for conversation, it will be easier for you to communicate with your partner. 

There will be no angry outbursts or lashing out at each other to make a point. You will be less upset with each other and hear each other out without getting stressed or angry.

Moreover, writing your thoughts will also give you a chance to sit back and think about it to figure out the root of the problem. 

This cool-headed approach to issues works very well with couples and helps strengthen their relationships.

Do Not Complain About Your Partner

Do Not Complain About Your Partner
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One must never criticize your partner to your friends. Your relationship is your responsibility, and you must trust each other to work it out. 

Many times, people speak about their spouse to gain support and love from their friends. It often results in your partner losing respect in the eyes of your friends. It also changes their dynamics with friends making things too uncomfortable.

Talking badly about your partner in front of your friends when he or she is not there to defend himself or herself can make them view your partner in a negative light. 

The perception is warped, and the person is not able to redeem himself or herself ever in front of mutual friends. Thus, instead of talking to your friends, talk it out with your partner.


Do Not Hold Grudges

There is no point in keeping score in a relationship. Many small things may anger you a bit but holding grudges for such things is a relationship-breaker. Avoid such an attitude and stop obsessing over little things.

Passive-aggressive behaviour is also a sign of a poor relationship. Thus, it is important to work out things in a calm and relaxed manner.

These tips can help you work towards a perfect relationship. Understand that this is an ongoing process, and relentless efforts need to be made to ensure that you enjoy a comfortable and warm relationship with your partner.

Understand that life is all about making mistakes and learning from them. Even if you have messed up somehow, or hurt each other, do not stop working with each other to heal your relationship. 

Create an unbreakable bond of love and trust that keeps your relationship happy and perfect. You must have an unshakeable faith in your partner that is the foundation of an extraordinary journey together.

When we talk about a perfect relationship, we are talking about our expectations from our partner. 

The moment our expectations are not met, we start finding faults in our relationship that is a wrong approach. 

Have expectations but ensure that it is attainable and realistic. Work together and meet other desires and enjoy happiness and contentment with each other. It is the perfect definition of an ideal relationship.


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