Everything You Should Know About Your Underwear

Everything you should know about your Underwear

Strange as it may sound, men are too shy to talk about underwear. It is almost considered a taboo subject when men get together. The truth is, it deserves more attention, as it plays a big role in keeping you comfortable throughout the day. 

More importantly, they protect your vital organs. So, let’s get straight into some essential tips to remember before you buy your men’s underwear.

Wear A Proper Physical Fit

Not wearing the right fit is a common mistake man tend to make. There are a few reasons why this is not a good idea.

Firstly, it creates irritation due to the uncomfortably compressed state of your parts. This causes chafing and may require you to readjust the underwear every day.

When tightly packed, you’ll be all sweaty down below and your balls would be desperate for some fresh air.

Another reason to avoid tight underclothes is to protect your sperm count. When you wear tight garments, your scrotum gets compressed. This prevents it from regulating its normal temperature and adversely affects sperm production.

Wearing the correct fit will prevent irritation and chafing and keeps you comfortable. The ideal underwear should fit your thigh and waist snugly.

Use Breathable Material for Men's Underwear

The breathability of a fabric refers to its ability to let air pass through it easily. High breathability ensures that the fabric does not grow in temperature to an uncomfortable extent.

This means the interior surface temperature also stays in control. Hence, breathability is crucial for underwear.

Synthetic material doesn’t let in air, leading to excess sweating and skin irritation. They are not ideal for daily use.

These conditions are ideal for bacterial build-up that gives off a disgusting stench. Worse still, they allow the fungus to multiply and cause a disgusting skin condition.

Always go for a breathable fabric when picking your underwear.

Use Underwear That Keeps Moisture Under Check

We all have had days when we came home after a pumped-up gym session and laid on our couch forever. We may delay our shower and before we know it, the evening is up.

The moisture stays in your underwear, allowing perfect conditions for moisture, bacteria, and fungus to bloom. This could lead to skin problems and irritation.

Besides, if you’re wearing synthetic underwear, your man parts are going to burn in there.

Never wear sweaty underwear around for too long. Use underwear that prevents the buildup of moisture

Always Choose Quality Men’s Underwear

Quality Men’s Underwear
Photo by James Barr from Unsplash
Quality Men’s Underwear
Photo by Ray Tiller from Unsplash

Most men are reluctant to spend even moderately on their underwear. There is a common perception that since underwear’s are not objects to show off, it is a waste to invest in them. But this costs them much more than they think.

Here’s why: Cheap underwear’s come with low quality.

Low quality equals of inferior quality fabric. These materials may feel rough against your skin and irritate you.

Another issue is that they may have exposed seams. They press hard on your skin and sometimes pop out visibly through your clothes.

If they don’t fit properly and provide no support, they may ride up and down all day and become a headache for you.

Hence, the best way to stay comfortable all day is to spend just a little more on your underwear.

Choose Your Fabrics Well

Usually, cotton is a fine fabric to choose for your underwear. Cotton is breathable and natural. It also absorbs most of the moisture.

These features are perfect to offer a comfortable experience. However, if you’re someone who gets physical often, you may have to look beyond cotton.

Better breathable and moisture absorbing materials like cotton-modal blends are the best bet.

Wash Your Delicate with Hypo-Allergenic Detergents

The skin and organs underneath your underwear are more sensitive than the rest of your body. The presence of alien substances makes the skin in these regions react.

For instance, detergents we usually use contain fabric softeners and perfumes. They contain different chemicals in them. These chemicals trigger unpleasant allergic reactions in some men.

When you wash your underwear with these detergents, you feel itching and irritation. So, pick your detergents carefully to avoid such skin issues.

Using hypoallergenic detergents is the best solution. They don’t contain harsh chemicals, to begin with. Hence, they don’t react with your skin and cause trouble.

Don’t Ever Wear Used Underwear

Men are infamous for wearing their underwear again. But this is a disgusting habit with negative consequences.

When you wear an undergarment once, it already has traces of feces within. As you wear it again, more moisture and heat get involved and the bacteria and fungus multiply again. This is not good for your skin and your man’s parts.

Always wash your underwear after you wear it. Don’t ever re-wear your underwear.

Never GO ‘Commando’

Going Commando, or wearing no undergarments is one of the worst things you could do to your man parts. It is not only uncomfortable to go about your day without wearing one, but it also causes other issues.

For instance, as you wear a dress like denim jeans, they rub against your parts and irritate them.

In the worst cases, they lead to soreness and rashes. These could be painful when healing, so keep that in mind the next time you are tempted to go commando.


Photo by Diego Lozano from Unsplash

In case you’re looking for underwear that provides all the above benefits, look no further than Saxx Underwear. They come with a Ballpark Pouch fitted to keep the balls in the appropriate position. Hence, they avoid irritation as the compartment prevents rubbing between the skin.

Further, Saxx offers one of the best underwear for men that brings maximum breathability to your man parts. The pin-dot mesh feature of the fabric and its moisture-wicking capability means it is as comfortable as it gets. Saxx uses cotton-modal blends for underwear. These are soft on the skin and provide benefits of cotton and much more.

Whether you are looking for men’s sexy underwear or ones with more appeal, make sure you choose your comfort over all other factors.


  1. I’ve been wearing white briefs since I was a teen and I’m sticking to it. I don’t know how you can wear boxers or trunks with skinny jeans, I think the extra fabric would bulge, right?

    • Hi Noah. Briefs are good with Skinny Jeans. But you may try Trunks too with good fabric. It should fit perfectly. We may not suggest you to wear Boxers with Skinny Jeans.

  2. Guys, I just can’t with briefs, they’re just not for me. I’m a boxer kind of guy, I hate when everything is too damn tight.

  3. Not gonna lie, it took me some trial and error til I figured out sizing. I buy mine from Calvin Klein or Jack & Jones and do my best to get new ones often. If the fabric is a cotton blend with some stretch then I’m good to go, I’m not that picky.

  4. Yeah, the word ‘underwear’ doesn’t pop naturally in a conversation and I guess with us men things are simple: affordable and comfortable, at least this is what I always go for. Also, just checked the Saxx stores, they have a bazillion prints, talk about covering all the ground haha.

  5. Tight underwear is my biggest pet peeve, hands down. No matter the size, I don’t find it a nice experience to wear briefs that are glued to EVERYTHING!

  6. I’m going to admit it here: my gf buys mine! I can’t be bothered to buy them. I know that I’m a medium but other than that I’m kinda clueless…

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