Why You Look Better in Real Life Than in Pictures

Why You Look Better in Real Life Than in Pictures

Do you often hear from your friends or family that your real-life looks outshine your photos? Are you one of those people who don’t like your photos? Then, this notion could be pretty much true.

Let’s tell you the underlying reasons why your real-life version doesn’t come off well on the reel life.

You are a Camera-Shy Guy

Camera shyness is a common issue among men. You simply run away (metaphorically!) when it comes to capturing yourself in the lens.

So, the moment you get in front of the camera, your nervousness naturally reflects in the photos. You are unable to set the right mood and expressions, thereby ruining your on-screen appearance.

A good way to deal with this problem is to give yourself a pep-up talk. Tell yourself that it is just a photo, not a competition where you have to give your best performance.

When clicking the photo, think that you are creating a happy memory for yourself. When you look back at this photo in the future, it will make you smile.

You Don’t Care About Photos

You Don’t Care About Photos
Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Most guys think that taking endless selfies and photos is just a girls’ thing. While girls like to glam up and find a hundred ways to take a drool-worthy photo, you aren’t so self-aware.

It doesn’t matter to you whether you are looking handsome or unattractive. You like to keep it real and natural, without care how the photo will portray you.

Well, if you are fine with how you look in your photos, it doesn’t matter much. You and others know that you look far better in real life!

You Were Photographed from a Wrong Side of Your Face

Have you ever noticed how film and fashion celebrities pose in front of a camera from a particular angle? That’s because they know that the right angle can make their face look perfect in the photo.

In real life, most people have asymmetrical faces due to genetics, health issues, age or other reasons. They are not even aware of the good and appealing side of your face. This could be the case even with you.

A professional photographer would be able to tell you about which side of the face works the best for you. It is all about the way your eyes, nose, cheeks and lips create harmony to make you look good.

Now, you may wonder if there is at all the need to capture the right side of the face in the photo. 

Yes, there is a need if you are an aspiring fashion model/actor or appearing for a job interview. 

A perfect profile picture or photo portfolio can give the first impression about you before you are called for a face-to-face meeting.

A Smartphone Camera Can Distort Your Features and Proportions

A Smartphone Camera Can Distort Your Features and Proportions
Photo by Mental Health America (MHA) from Pexels

When you or someone clicks the pictures, it is most likely to be with a smartphone camera. It can never beat a digital or traditional film camera. So, a smartphone camera can alter your facial features and proportions.

Even if you have a chiselled jaw or strong cheekbones in real life, they can appear disproportionate in the photos. If you are too close or too far from the camera, it can make a big difference to the photo.

For example, if you take a close-up photo, your forehead or nose might appear too big or wider than real. If you take a photo from a faraway distance, it might make your features appear thin or narrower than real.

You can easily deal with this problem by understanding the camera settings of your smartphone. You can even read about the tricks and techniques of professional photography. 

You can learn about the right exposure settings, autofocus vs manual focus, rules of space, etc.

A Photo is Not the Same as a Mirror

A mirror is the real image of yourself. You are used to looking at it daily, several times a day. It gives you a sense of comfort and familiarity. You have complete control to tweak your face, posture or expressions if you don’t like what you see.

When you look at the camera, it makes you conscious. You know exactly how you are looking. With a camera, you are on the other side and clueless as to how you are looking. You have to rely on your instincts or knowledge or that of the person behind the camera.

So, even if you were happy with your mirror image, a camera would give different results for the same look.

The ideal way to tackle this problem is to stop comparing your mirror image and photos. Both speak a different language.


Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash
Photo by Djamal Akhmad Fahmi on Unsplash

Photos are meant for creating memories and a visual autobiography. They are something you would love to show to your grandchildren someday.

It is important to understand that photos are just photos; they are not real. They do not define your real-life personality, character or traits unless you want to create an illusion about yourself. 

They narrate tiny aspects of your life depending on when, why and where they are clicked. Who knows what you are thinking or what is your mood at that time?

You look better in real life than in pictures because you are always yourself in real life. People love you for who you are in real life. That’s what matters, right?

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