Hottest New Accessory This Season: DecideAndAct

A new responsible high-quality Swiss watch brand, DecideAndAct (d&a), is launching their ‘Ambassador of Change’ collection this month. The collection will be a limited line of three designs in black, silver and gold all made from recycled and bio-sourced materials. Unlike other watch brands, d&a’s mission is to go beyond green design and aims to promote changemakers for the benefit of a better world by partnering with a number of NGOs worldwide to inspire people all over the globe.

They will launch this collection for men and women on Kickstarter on June 22nd, which will retail from $220. Now you can finally decide and act on how to spend your time.

Founding Story

d&a is founded by two industry powerhouses – Alexander Bennouna former CEO for Victorinox Swiss Army Watch and VP Sales at Swatch Group, and Martin Riemer, who worked in trade and distribution for brands, including Cartier, Rolex, and Omega. They saw a gap in the watch industry for sustainability and decided to launch the first Swiss purpose-led brand. d&a is about a mindset that drives change. 

The brand commits to and puts peace, diversity and ecology at the forefront by aiming to support NGOs who share the same values.

A Sustainably Designed Product

Designed and made locally in Switzerland, special limited edition watches will be engraved with a unique unit number, with a sustainable manufacturing process, using renewable energy where all macro components are produced within a perimeter of 78km. The watch strap is vegan, made from Cactus leather and recycled PET fiber, and the packaging is reusable, biodegradable and also made of vegan bio sourced materials. 

d&a’s value chain prioritizes the regeneration of the ecosystem and its biodiversity. From the design to the engineering, sourcing to the manufacturing, each pivotal step has been designed to operate within ecological boundaries. 

Leading from the Front

“Improving our world requires a mindset that addresses the reason behind what we do and reciprocates what the community and environment offer to us. Our watches are a statement of who we are and what we stand for. By acquiring our first and exclusive limited edition ‘Ambassador of Change’, you are endorsing a new and responsible way of doing business. Join us to be a part of meaningful change, which we can all do together,” said CEO, Alexander Bennouna.

Photo By DecideAndAct
Photo By DecideAndAct

A Mission To Give Back

The brand functions as a model that places the power in the hands of the people and will give back to an extensive range of NGOs that focus on the ethos of the brand: peace, diversity and ecology. Short-term profit plans are what lead to abuses that are harmful to the environment and vulnerable communities. d&a addresses the origin of the problem by making the community and the environment beneficiaries of their activity.

A Cool and Sustainable Timepiece

DecideAndAct is redefining the watch, taking it from an accessory to something that actually makes a difference. This is the perfect new accessory for men: fashionable and sustainable. Not only will you look great, but you will feel great too, knowing that you are supporting positive change. How will you decide to spend your time?


To buy the limited edition watch, which will only be available until July 9th, visit: or for more information, visit:

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