Improve Your Romantic Life at The Sink

Improve Your Romantic Life at The Sink

Romantic life - How Bad Gums Can Affect Romance!

Proper raising shapes the crux of a happy romantic action life. However, raising is affected by many health factors and lifestyle. 

While there are many reasons like unhealthy diet, stress, smoking, and alcohol that have a terrible effect on raising functioning, another slightly unknown factor added to the list are gum diseases

Experiments Prove It!

According to a study published in the Journal, men with gum diseases are three times more likely to struggle with raising. 

The reason why gum diseases affect raising is unknown, but various experiments have proved that men who are taking periodontal treatment experience a difference in their raising functioning. 

Therefore, scientifically speaking proper dental care is a contributing factor to your romantic life!

Flossing Paves the Way to Healthy Gums

Flossing Paves the Way to Healthy Gums
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People often confuse flossing with brushing. Here’s the difference: brushing ensures that your teeth are clean and flossing ensures that all the gaps in between your teeth, including the crown of gums that are holding your teeth, are clean.

People often take flossing lightly and skip it, but gums are a part of the body too. 

Just like all the other parts, gums have to be cleaned from time to time, especially because food is always getting punched in the mouth and is in constant touch with the gums.

Ignoring Flossing Can Lead to Bacteria in Your Mouth!

While you might find flossing time consuming and an unnecessary hygiene step, here’s a little warning bell! 

Unflossed gums are home to bacteria which slowly show their effect on gums. These include gum infections, blackening of gums, inflammation of gums, etc. 

This not only leads to mouth pain but an raising dysfunction.

For women, flossing and maintaining healthy gums only affects their dental health, but for men, it’s a crucial part .

The Science Behind Blood Vessels and Erection

When we try to explain the concept of unhealthy gums affecting a man’s raising, biology has an answer to it!

Bacteria in the mouth disfigures and injures the lining of blood vessels which are responsible for extracting and pumping in the blood to different parts of the body. 

When a man has an erection, his blood vessels inflate pumping in extra blood to his little buddy.

However, this process is destructed with the hampering of blood vessel lining leading to less blood reaching the little buddy and causing raising dysfunction.

Fitting in Flossing in Between Of Your Schedule

We know that with a busy schedule, flossing might be a hassle! But just give it half an hour before you go to bed.

Flossing is a cleansing process pre and posts your nighttime brushing. Use a floss before brushing to cleanse your mouth and then just brush your teeth like usual. 

Post brushing uses an alcohol-free mouthwash to wash away all the dead bacteria and germs from your mouth.

Flossing Also Gives Your Partner a Better Kissing Experience

While we’ve explained the science behind healthy gums and raising, don’t forget a healthy mouth also adds to a better kissing experience.

Recall those after-mint and toothpaste ad commercials illuminating positive vibes from the man’s mouth, which turns on his partner. 

Similarly, flossing ensures your mouth is fresh and healthy and also adds in a pleasant smell to your breath.

Best Flossing Products

There are a plethora of dental flossing products available in the market. However, not all of them are 100% effective! 

If you are one of those who fancy flavours, you will find various flavours for floss in the market. Each one of them adding a minty scent combined with your choice of flavour.

Many brands are offering an entire dental kit that comes with toothpaste and floss flavours complementing each other. So, there is always a pick for your happy dental care!

Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Comfort Plus Dental Floss

Our recommendation for all gum types is the ‘Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Comfort Plus Dental Floss.’ The most common flavour variant for this is the mint flavour which is reviewed to have the essence of chewing gum.

This floss not only helps remove plaque from between the gums but also prevents gingivitis which keeps you away from any gum diseases.

It is soft on the gums, easy to use due to its natural wax improved grip, and is also priced at an affordable price point of $5.77 for a pack of 2. This product is readily available at any general store or on Amazon.

Other recommended products are Listerine UltraClean Access Flosser, Hayden Clean+ Dental Floss, Reach Mint Waxed Dental Floss, etc.

Additionally, all these floss varieties are mint flavoured which is the best for a man’s breath inducing the pleasant aura in it!

Don’t Forget Brushing!

Don’t Forget Brushing!
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Squeezing in time for mouth flossing is fantastic! But don’t escape your daily brushing.
We often try to rush in a lot of things, and this is a common mistake most men make. Ensure you brush at least twice a day: morning and night during your flossing schedule.

Flossing shouldn’t be done more than once a day as that might make the mouth dry, but brushing can be done many times. However, two times a day is compulsory!

Does Flossing Just Before an Intercourse Help?

The answer is no. Flossing just prevents your gums from damaged blood vessels which ensure proper blood flow to your little buddy for raising. However, this is more of a duty and prevention measure rather than a boosting element.

Flossing makes your breath fresher and aromatic but doesn’t have an enhancing effect on your raising.

When to See a Doctor?

Flossing is basic yet the most crucial preventive measure for healthy gums. However, sometimes a few gum infections go out of hand.

Bleeding of gums, excessive blisters, and swelling are rare gum diseases that cannot be solved by flossing. This is when you need to see a doctor improve the condition of your gums!


healthy gums
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healthy gums
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It is scientifically proven that healthy gums fuel proper blood flow during an raising which is an important contributing factor to happy romantic life!

Therefore, flossing and dental care are essential for a man’s action life!

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