Romantic Gestures Guaranteed to Please Your Partner

Romantic Gestures Guaranteed to Please Your Partner

Having a healthy relationship with your significant other is a crucial factor to living a happy life. Some couples have figured out their magic formula to having a long, loving and healthy relationship. 

This, however, does not mean that everyone is so lucky! In order to make relationships work, efforts are essential. Trust, honesty, loyalty and faith are the pillars of an enduring companionship. 

Since time unknown, women have always been the ones who tend to mend and manage a high conflict situation efficiently. 

Being more emotionally driven, they always pay attention to the little things and make it worthwhile. 

Being appreciated and loved is not something only one partner is supposed to feel but needs to be a two way street. Men do have a tendency to not understand or comprehend the game-changing importance of gestures as a whole. 

Apart from the generic gestures that you usually make, to make your partner feel extra happy and adored, you need to step up your game of romance.

Here Are Six Ways That Are Guaranteed To Please Your Partner:

1. Letters

Writing is a form of art that can never die. With the advancement and constant usage of technology, letters hold a special position. 

It not only shows the effort put in by you but also is a change required from the regular text message or an Instagram post. Start off with a series of special occasions where you can write letters to your partner, expressing how you feel and what they mean to you. 

While typing a letter out in a calligraphic font has its own charm, handwritten letters are always more personal and appreciated. 

Add little sketches of your own, mention an inside joke and don’t forget to pour your heart out!

2. A Surprise Date!

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Doing the unexpected always has the best outcomes. Take a break from your usual routine and surprise your partner with a lunch / dinner date mid-week! 

It will for sure make them feel special and is guaranteed to leave you both smiling! This requires real effort and will definitely show you, partner, what they mean to you.

Idea: Cook a meal from scratch all by yourself, take a bottle of your favourite beverage and surprise your partner at work or when they’re back from work with a nice spread of food with mood lighting and soft music.

3. Breakfast in Bed

If you’ve been with your partner for long, it is apparent that you know their likes, dislikes and preferences. 

The concept of having breakfast in bed is always linked to luxury and comfort, and your partner deserves all of it. 

Waking up early and managing to cook their favourite meal with a nice coffee and a plate of cut fruits on the side will help your partner start their day with a wide smile on their face. 

These gestures will be appreciated and will make your bond stronger and will help you understand each other better. 

The time spent in bed eating rather than hurrying for work is entirely worth waking up early for and can kickstart your day and also help lighten up the mood after a fight if needed (*wink wink*)

4. Personalised Gifts

With relationships come the responsibility and the opportunity to celebrate every little success and milestone in your personal and professional life. 

The importance of listening is crucial for situations like these where you can make use of the information and get a personalised gift around it. 

If you have heard your partner talk about their love for a particular animal, you can use that information to buy or make something relating to it. 

Watch them smile away in the joy of having received something so special. These are gestures that matter because it will make your partner feel heard, validated and loved.

5. Stay-Cation

If you’ve noticed your partner being stressed too often, plan a stay-cation! Instead of spending time and money on an actual vacation, you can stay where you are and make it a stay-cation easily. 

We often get so engrossed with our lives that we forget to sit back and relax. 

Do some basic research about the city you stay in and visit local tourist attractions, trek on a hill, a camp for a night, or just stay in and binge-watch your favourite series together. 

Spending quality time with your partner is essential because with time and as the relationship grows, we often forget to keep a check on our partners which can lead to the spark being lost. 

Take an off from work, make an itinerary and have a vacation right where you are!

6. Skills to Kill!

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When you understand that your partner is passionate about something certain, trying to pick up that skill, learning and reading more about it could go a long way. It shows your commitment to the relationship and makes your partner feel important. 

For example, if your partner is passionate about singing and you like dancing, choreographing a routine to their favourite tune could make them the happiest. 

Record the dance and send it over to them for instant smiles and happiness!

Every detail is vital to lead a healthy relationship. Enjoying the little things in life can make you a happy person and in turn, when coupled with efforts can make your partner the most comfortable. 

Love comes with a lot of compromise and understanding but is worth holding onto if you feel like your partner is worth everything. 

Efforts will never feel like an external habit you have to build if you genuinely love your partner, but it is possible to overlook it sometimes. 

The capability of two people in love holds so much potential that the faith invested can move mountains. Love is a beautiful thing and the greatest teacher. 

Personal growth is affected by many factors, and if another individual accompanies experiences, it can teach you many things about the person as well as yourself. Here’s to love!

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