6 Things Guys with “Good Bodies” NEVER DO!

6 Things Guys with "Good Bodies" NEVER DO!

A great body is something that every individual aspires to achieve in this modern setting. But what most people don’t realize is that ‘a good body’ refers to more than just the aesthetics of the individual. 

The term implies that your health, strength and flexibility are consistently up to the mark to ensure optimal functioning. 

To help you out on your journey, here are 6 things that guys with “good bodies” never do!

1. They Do Not Make Excuses

Exercising is tough, which is why most people come up with different excuses to avoid it. People with good bodies never do that.

Challenging your muscles is a must as it helps you become stronger. To do this, try practising resistance training regularly.

Make sure that you prioritize deadlifts, bench presses and squats. These exercises will work your entire body and will result in a well-balanced workout session.

Remember that the aim of these exercises is their long-term functionality. This means that your training needs to make you stronger and benefit you in the long run.

2. They Do Not Skip Out On Leg Day

Leg Day
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Leg days may be challenging, but they are incredibly important, which is why men with good bodies never ditch them. Having a muscular upper body will look out of place if your legs aren’t equally strengthened.

Hence, when working on your physique, the goal should be a well-balanced aesthetic.

3. They Never Forget To Stretch

For healthy men, stretching is a vital part of your workout routine.

Most men tend to avoid it because it can be challenging, and it takes time. Furthermore, you don’t experience any immediate results. However, if you keep at it, you’ll notice that it does help up in the long run.

When you work out your muscles tighten up. And while that may be what you’re looking for, what generally happens is that they become so tight that you will start experiencing several aches and pains. 

Stretching improves the circulation of blood in your body which helps heal your muscles at a faster pace. It also makes your muscles more flexible and lean so that you are in a better physical condition post your workout.

4. They Never Ditch Their Cardio Exercises

Cardio Exercises
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Working out doesn’t just mean strengthening your muscles. Strengthening the major organs of your body like your heart and your lungs are equally important. You can achieve this by doing cardio regularly.

People tend to refrain from these exercises because they believe that it’ll negatively impact their muscle generation. However, that isn’t true.

Regardless of whether its a run, cycling, walk or a hike, you must do cardio to elevate your heart rate. By doing this repeatedly, you will be able to strengthen your heart and lungs, which help you create a well-rounded physique.

While you don’t have to do cardio every day, you should do it at least thrice a week to improve your stamina and your endurance.

5. They Never Fail To Visit The Doctor

Checkups are incredibly important when trying to maintain a healthy body. Remember the saying – if you catch it early, you can treat it. 

Many a time, men refrain from going to the doctor because they think that their aches and pains are just part and parcel of their work out. By the time they realize that their condition is severe, the damage is already done. 

What a lot of people don’t understand is that looking good is not an indicator of what is going on inside your body. 

Therefore, we recommend going to the doctor at least once a year to make sure that everything is fine and dandy.

After all, health is your number one asset, and you need to treat your body like the temple that it is.

6. They Do Not Succumb To Fad Diets

Fad Diets
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Life is all about balance, and doing anything in extreme could result in unsatisfaction. This is why men with good bodies never participate in fad diets.

While these diets do have an immediate effect, they usually aren’t sustainable for more than one to two months. Instead of relying on these diets start eating well-balanced meals. These are more sustainable and will benefit your body in the long run.


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