12 Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

12 Signs You're in a Healthy Relationship

How do you know if your relationship is on the road to true happiness?  The answer is simple. If you find yourself with ‘fewer’ signs of a ‘healthy relationship’, there could be something seriously wrong!

If you do not feel comfortable with the person you have just started dating, you might be looking for reasons why your partner seems to be dragging their feet.

However, if you notice the positive signs, then there is no turning around. We are going to discuss the 12 significant signs of turning your relationship into a healthy one! 

1. Communicate Well

Communicate Well
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In a healthy communication with your partner, you cannot allow the bad feelings to creep up into your relationship and take control of it. It is essential to understand the actual wants and desires of your partner. Being aware of their true feelings will make communication easier.

If you do not talk to the other person, then you are not honest about how you feel about them.

With the aid of an open conversation with your partner, they will start getting along better and will love you for the same.

2. Be Open and Accepting

Being accepting and open to other people are critical components of being happy and prosperous in any relationship.

Sometimes, we hold onto old beliefs and ways of thinking that our parents or society at large taught us. If you feel being ‘closed-off’ from others, you may find yourself getting discouraged and feeling like you do not know where you stand!

Instead, learn how to open up and be more outgoing with the people that you spend time with.

3. Some Privacy Matters

Any healthy relationships cater to a sense of privacy to feel secure. And everyone involved should respect the same. It can be effortless to do if you know the exact moment to disclose your issues and practice your boundaries properly.

When you are together, it is essential to have a certain degree of confidentiality with each other to maintain a level of trust and security.

4. Hold no grudges

Hold no grudges
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A healthy relationship never holds any grudges and or tolerates the same. And you tend to notice minute nuances of your partner, the more you become familiar with the individual.

Owing to some imprudent belief that the other person did something wrong to you should never continue with your grudge-bearing actions of the past.

5. Realistic expectations

If you are in a healthy relationship, then you might as well have realistic expectations from the association with your partner.

A healthy relationship does not just happen because someone promised on similar lines. It would help if you worked hard at developing the trust and confidence between you and your partner.

6. Spend quality time together

Having a healthy relationship with your partner means you want to prioritise over each other’s company. And, It helps if you spend time together while turning it to be a memorable one.

Go out for a nice meal, or sit down and have a quiet chat over a glass of wine. You could even take the time and go out dancing together or even try going for a late-night ride. As, with options aplenty, a strong bonding starts to develop!

7. Make decisions together

Make decisions together
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Making decisions together in a healthy relationship is just a way of keeping your love alive. Think about it, as it starts with you!

Once committed to your relationship, you can visualise the bigger picture better. And, you will also be able to focus more on the positive aspects of your relationship.

8. Intimacy

Intimacy in a healthy relationship is all about creating closeness with your partner. It includes the words you use, the way you act and talk and the way you behave.

Having a close relationship also does not mean that you have to be physically intimate. You can enjoy a bear hug too!! You do not have to show your lover how much you love and care for him/her. All you need to do is let them know how much they mean to you. Never forget that the secret lies in the closeness between the two people – the ultimate key to a healthy relationship.

9. Trust and Mutual Respect

A healthy relationship is a two-way street where you trust and mutually respect each other and let your partner appreciate your feelings.

You might have had the experience of having a bad moment and want to ‘get back at’ the person who made a mistake. But it is essential to learn from your mistakes too!

It is crucial to build trust and make sure that you share your thoughts, feelings, desires, dreams, and aspirations with your partner. With all these critical elements in place, your relationship will take off positively.

10. Be Yourself

It may be hard for many people to believe, but you are your own best advocate of a healthy relationship. Find that individual who is willing to listen and be supportive. They are most likely to have a positive influence on you and help you feel better about yourself.

They may not always agree with what you do. But if you find that they care enough to help you, that is the most important thing.

11. Be Honest

It would help if you were honest about your thoughts, feelings, dreams, aspirations, fears with your partner.

If you are unable to give your partner this honesty, then problems might occur, leading to a lack of trust in the relationship.

12. Feel Confident

Being aware of the person that you are, before you enter into a relationship, is a vital component of your overall success.

Without being sure of who you are and how you look, it is easy to let your relationship define what you feel about yourself. It can also be challenging to move forward in your relationship if you do not feel good about yourself.

So, start taking stock of how you look and feel. And, pay attention to yourself.

Relationships are healthy and unique too!

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While thinking about the future of our relationships, we often focus on how it will turn out if one partner leaves the other.

In that case, it is not impossible to maintain a healthy and loving relationship, irrespective of the difficult time-frame.

What can you do now that will be helpful to you, if you find yourself in this situation?

You probably have a lot of unanswered questions, running through your mind. Thus you can rely upon the 12 signs mentioned above. They stand sufficient enough to turn your relationship into a unique one!


  1. Interesting list. I would also add working on a single goal together. If couples do that, it means they have more than a little in common, and can also denote high levels of compatibility.

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