Ultimate Guide To Men’s Shorts (2020)

Ultimate Guide To Men’s Shorts

It is possibly the single most controversial topic in men’s fashion – Is it ideal for grown men to wear shorts in public?

If you don’t want to miss out on the fun part of summer and prefer going outside despite the heat, shorts are your best companion. When you get the length and the fit right, shorts are probably one of the safest outfits in summer.

However, when the context is about picking the right fit and size, many falter in selecting these vital parameters. No doubt, casual shorts should be a no-brainer when you are heading out to bask by the seaside.


Opt For Men’s Shorts Which Suit Your Legs

Men’s Shorts
Photo by Benjamin Rascoe from Unsplash
Men’s Shorts
Photo by Vitória Santos from Pexels

Irrespective of the type of men’s shorts you are buying, always ensure that it fits your body’s proportions. This implies assessing the length of your legs and the shorts. It is usually recommended to stand in front of a mirror to get a better idea of your legs’ length.

How long are your legs? Are they too thin? How much hair do they have? In case you have well-built thighs, then opting for slim fit shorts would be a foolish idea. Thus, you have to select a more proportionate pair.

On the other hand, if your legs are short, select short for men who have a shorter inseam. Quite interestingly, if you have pale-looking legs, opt for a bright color, which would provide a tremendous amount of contrast.

Well, there is no denying the men’s legs come in all shapes and sizes. So there is no universal styling guide for shorts. You have to assess your physique while buying types of shorts for men in which you would look fabulous.

The Four Pairs of Shorts You Need

So after the completion of that painstaking self-assessment process, it’s time to consider the style of the shorts. It is usually suggested to opt for neatly tailored chino shorts. But while buying this particular style, you should be again aware of your legs’ shape.

In other words, if your legs are slim, go for a slim fit. And if you have slightly bulkier legs, then don’t opt for this fit. Also, while buying a neatly tailored chino short, you have to take care of its shades.

Preferably, you should buy one, each with a deep and light shade. These shades would give you plenty of options in styling the shorts correctly. Ensure that you grab a pair of olive green cargo shorts.

Olive green cargo shorts offer style and utility to individuals. Quite interestingly, when wearing cargo shorts, make sure that they are utility shorts. So team them up with utilitarian garments. Always try to find a style in cargo shorts that finishes just above the knees.

Well, you can’t ignore the significance of denim cut-offs in the realm of men’s shorts. If you don’t own a pair of them, ensure that you buy two pairs. And if you are still not satisfied with your collection of shorts, you can try catching up with the athleisure trend. Go for a couple of jersey shorts and team them up with sneakers.

Is it Good to be Serious About Patterns?

Well, if you want stunningly stylish in shorts, it is always worthwhile to consider the patterns of the short for men. Always remember that combining patterns with patterns is an art in itself. In a majority of cases, patterned shorts are best paired with plain tops or neutral colored shirts.

In case you still want to go ahead with pattern matching but unsure how to commence, always pair up your patterned shorts with a bold and brightly colored t-shirt. No doubt, a patterned short would still draw attention to the body part you are wearing it.

This is why you should wear patterned shorts with a neutral colored tee for accentuating a look that is not too loud.

Wearing Socks with Shorts- Yes or No?

Can you wear socks with shorts? Quite interestingly, the combination of shorts and socks can go wrong. But like many other exceptions, there are definite ways to style shorts with socks!
For instance, if you are wearing retro-ankle length sports socks, shorts can be the best choice. In other words, always concentrate on wearing socks that come with ankle-length size. On the other hand, most shoes which look good with shorts can be worn without socks too.

In case you are a bit nervous about your foot odor and sweat, opting for ankle-length socks would be the best idea.

Are Technical Fabrics worth Investing in?

Technical Fabrics worth Investing
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

No doubt, men’s shorts have undergone a steady evolution in all these years. Nowadays, it is common to find shorts with fabrics like polyester and nylon. Both these fabrics are lightweight, durable, and quick in drying.

What’s more, you don’t need to iron them to flatten the creases. These types of fabrics augur well for athletic activities. But if you are on the lookout to spend your whole day lounging around, these shorts are not the best of your companions.

If you want to spend the whole day out in the sun, opt for a pair of cotton or linen shorts. You can also opt for the blended fabric ones, which would help you avail the best of both worlds.

From the points mentioned above, it is evident that you need to follow specific guidelines while buying types of shorts for men.

Also, you need to pay due attention to your footwear while wearing shorts. From ankle-length socks to slippers, every kind of shorts demands different footwear. Make sure you assess the length of your legs while buying a pair of shorts. Remember these guidelines to score some style points this summer.

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