7 Summer Style Rules ALL MEN SHOULD FOLLOW!

7 Summer Style Rules ALL MEN SHOULD FOLLOW!

With the temperatures rising during the summer months, men often find it difficult to style themselves right without breaking into a sweat, quite literally. 

Dressing sharp during the summer months can be difficult, especially when the sweltering heat makes you sweat too easily. Layering is no longer an option, and the best way to stay cool is to opt for light fabrics, cooler colours and drink lots of fluids. 

Stay comfortable while following these latest summer style rules without much hassle.

The Cool Summer Shorts

Summer shorts are a go-to outfit to have in your wardrobe during these months. Choose fabrics that are comfortable and wearing a pair of shorts allows your skin to breathe. 

They are perfectly easy to be styled with a wide variety of t-shirts, and even casual shirts can be worn over it. 

Pair some converse or flip flops depending on where you’re heading to, and you’ll be a trendsetter amongst your peers in no time.

Formal occasions can be tricky for sporting shorts and are not office appropriate. Wear them to all other places like a casual weekend outing or a date, and they will be completely flattering and appropriate. 

The best length for such shorts is those that end right at the knee or just above it. Neutral toned bottoms make it easier for them to be paired with any existing polos and t-shirts in your wardrobe.

Breathable Fabrics For All Your Outfits

Breathable Fabrics For All Your Outfits
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Make linens and cotton your summer best friend. These fabrics are perfect for the sweltering heat, especially in places where humidity is high. 

These breathable and lightweight fabrics keep you comfortable for longer periods, capable of absorbing moisture well.

The only downside to both cotton and linen fabrics is that they tend to form wrinkles rather easily so you must have them ironed regularly for daily wear.

Even when it comes to choosing denims, you will find a variety of denim materials available these days. Some denims have a mix of spandex or other synthetic material that give them the stretch or a different feel. 

These fabrics, however, can get too warm and uncomfortable. Cotton denims with little or no mix of other synthetic weaves are your best choice for the summer months.

Summer Cool Colours

Most summer fabrics such as cotton and linen come available in beautiful pastel shades that give a very soothing and cool effect when worn. 

While light and bright colours are what is advisable and sounds fun to wear, more toned-down muted shades and pastels have a better effect while keeping the colour palette variant. 

Bright colours for summers can cheer your mood up just as the sun is out, but darker-toned fabrics should be completely avoided because they tend to absorb more of the heat, making you feel warmer.

Cool summer t-shirts woven out of cotton fabrics are breathable too and make for very comfortable tops to be paired with shorts, jeans, or other trousers. 

Plain or check shirts in linen or cotton make for a good complete outfit.

Choose Relaxed Fits

Choose Relaxed Fits
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Choose Relaxed Fits
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Regular and tight-fitting shirts and trousers may look flattering in its own way. However, they can be very uncomfortable to wear for long hours during the summer months. 

The sweat can accumulate on the garments, which causes bacteria to grow and also create a foul odour. 

So, choosing airy and relaxed fit trousers, t-shirts and shirts made of breathable fabrics are the best choices for your summer styles.

Indo-Western Style Shirts

While cotton is the new friendly fabric for summers, sporting the new fusion look is a style to adopt for the summer months. 

Indo-western style shirts made from fabrics similar to that of Indian kurtas are becoming a new favourite.

Make Joggers Your New Style Statement

Joggers are one of those outfits which were strictly limited to wearing indoors or to the gym as activewear. However, men’s styles and fashion is also fast-changing and adapting to the lifestyles we lead today, comfort being the priority. 

Sport a stylish but athletic look with a pair of joggers and some white sneakers, and you’ll be the new fashionista. 

Cotton cargo-style joggers are comfortable fabrics that allow you to feel free without restricting your limb movements in any way.

Don’t Forget To Style Your Footwear!

Summer footwear should not be forgotten out of the summer styling tips for men. Most summer shoes tend to be on the casual or business casual side. 

Men’s shoes are mostly the covered and closed type of shoe that can tend to get uncomfortable with sweaty socks when worn over long periods.

Consequently, we now have more comfortable and breathable brogues or oxfords and even sandals.

Espadrilles can also be quite comfortable. Their canvas material and breathable soles make it a comfortable choice for summers. 

The neutral-toned colours and variety also make it versatile and easy to pair with a variety of outfits.


Fashion trends may come and go, but when you adopt a style based on your personal preference, it allows you to be comfortable in what you wear while keeping your outfit choices smart. 

Comfortable and breathable fabrics used by Saxx for their outfits make them a great place to shop from for all your fashion needs. 

The designs are made keeping in mind the comfort and preferences of men these days.

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