5 Suit Mistakes MOST Men Make

5 Suit Mistakes MOST Men Make

Advocating over the classic suit styles in men, while exploring the ‘on-off’ angles gives out a positive result. Dressing well in an elegant and well-tailored suit is a form of good manners! 

Keep looking good with individual statement-style and boost your self-respect, apart from your self-importance. An exclusive looking formal dress-suit does all the talking when worn correctly. 

At the same time, the wrong way of dressing ruins the entire outfit. While you are stuck in a style-rut, the following suit mistakes and their ‘fix-ups’ will get you to think otherwise. 

These ‘fix-ups’ will assist you in appreciating your stylish suit style, expressing your outstanding personage.

Wear Your Suit Right

Wear Your Suit Right
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Get a formal outlook for your silhouette by choosing the style carefully. Always match your trouser with the coat, and customise your entire outfit in a similar material and design. 

Never make the mistake of styling your formal trousers with a sports jacket or any other suit jacket! 

Wear both of the suit-jackets with its paired formal trousers together. It calls for the apt dressing style. Or else you will be a ‘fashion blooper’!

‘Suit-jackets’ or Semi-formal and formal jackets make your torso look slim! It draws attention to the entire attire. It would help you in opting for the correct ways in dressing yourself in suit-jackets. 

Keep away from buttoning your suit jacket’s last button as it will restrict your movement, mainly your hands, chest area, and the hip- area. 

Fasten the top-most button of the two-button formal jacket, and the middle one of the ‘three-button’ jacket. The same will assist you in not ruining your classy look.

Be The Perfectionist With Pocket-Squares

Pocket squares, a timeless fashion, refines the entire appearance by building a contrast on the jacket’s chest pocket. 

Matching your neck-tie with the pocket squares stands as one of the significant fashion faux-passé! Thus, avoid wearing a similar pattern. 

Stir the creative soul within, while complementing your pocket square’s colour code with the tie, while keeping some handsome collection of the same handy. 

Pick one highlighting your shirt’s colour, like a pastel-shade or white-coloured pocket square. It looks rather attractive, showing off your persona in the best possible manner while catering to a more traditional and energetic look to the suit. 

Play safe and check-out with a good stylist, and be the perfectionist with pocket-squares!

Wear The Neck-Tie 'By The Book

Wear The Neck-Tie
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The Neck-Tie
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Wear the neck-ties ‘by the book’. Yes! That’s right! While wearing one, keep the fag-end of the same till the mid of your belt buckle. 

Never make the grave mistake of wearing a neck-tie much above the belt clip, as it caters to a short torso. And keeping it below the buckle will give out a petite body stature. 

You will never look out-of-proportion, with a well-balanced dressing style, and the right length of your neck-tie. 

Moreover, it would be best if you covered all your dress-shirt buttons with your tie as it looks somewhat awkward walking, with visible shirt buttons!

Also, make use of classy-looking tie-bars, to keep the tie wrinkle-free. You can sometimes spoil yourself by going for a designer one! 

Go for the polished-looking ones with a hint of gold or silver. Apart from drawing attention to your suit, your entire silhouette will look more professionally significant.

Go For The Right Belt

A belt is a style quotient in itself, apart from being a piece of leather, but. To be precise, good-looking textured belts transform your suit better, and has more to do with your formal dressing, barring from holding your trousers! 

It assists in breaking the man’s body contour into half, thus catering to a taller and slimmer appearance. 

Keep the thumb rule regarding using belts in mind, as it is not that complicated. You can add-on a hint of sophistication to your entire outlook, by matching the belt with the colour of your formal trousers. 

Or else you have the option of coordinating the belt’s colour with the shoe. Set an example during the spring-time by creating a link between a light-tone trouser, and a similar dress-shirt, with a light-tone leather belt. 

You will look ‘offbeat’ with too much difference, concerning your trouser and belt colour. Also, never take any impulsive decision on purchasing any belt. 

Invest in a good-quality one, made of pure leather that will last in the long-run.

Get The Right Pair Of Shoes

Pair Of Shoes
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Looking fashionable is an art along with some investment, as it doubles up your level of confidence! A great pair of shoes enhance your suit while complementing your dressing style with a professional outlook. 

Cherry-pick the leading fashion accessory beaming with sophistication. Always try completing your dress-suit with the formal leather shoes. Their craftsmanship and brand quality will do the talking. 

Let your passers-by scan you well and take a note of your dressing style. Keep your look subtle yet sophisticated by mix-matching three to four pairs of formal leather shoes of the higher price range. 

Overindulgence, by you in purchasing a lot many proper shoes, stands again as one of the significant fashion blunders.

Inference - A Style Statement

Men’s timeless wear, the formal and semi-formal suits continue being sophisticated wear from time’s immemorial. 

You can keep experimenting with your style but never ignore the dressing rules. It is like slowly poisoning a man’s style statement! 

Keep yourself updated in this specific field, and try not to make the MOST common suit mistakes.  Follow the five suit styling notions to accentuate your aura!

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