Pick The Best T-Shirt Style For Your Body Type!

Pick the best t-shirt style for your body type!

Have you ever wondered why your favorite crew neck white t-shirt makes you look weird around your torso? Why is your baggy rapper t-shirt making you appear shorter than your original height?

The answer to these doubts and many more is simple. Though t-shirts are the go-to comfort fashion solution for all events, not all t-shirts fit everyone.

Not all body types look great in a similar generic t-shirt pattern. So, depending on the body types, the choice for t-shirts also differs. Like some will like to flaunt their flexing biceps or the athletic body.

However, their choice of t-shirt will be different from a lean person.
So, as you go down this post, you will get the perfect instruction to choose the best men’s t-shirt style.

T-Shirts Styles for Different Body Types:

No one can disagree on this matter that no human being is the same. One can be tall while the other can be short. Another man can have a strong muscular build while some can have a petite body. Based on these varieties of male body structures, there are five categories for t-shirt style:

1. Boxy T-Shirts for the Lean Body

Boxy T-Shirts
Photo by Taylor from Unsplash
Boxy T-Shirts
Photo by Spencer Selover from Pexels

Mostly seen among teenage boys or men, this feature has the shoulder and waist in the same width making one look leaner or disproportionate. This creates a huge problem when it comes to shirts for boys as they are unable to choose the right type of boy’s t-shirts.

The goal of the t-shirt for this body type is to make the body look brawny and angular.

The relaxed fit and boxy silhouette make the torso look fuller in shape, as it is all about creating proportion, the boxy t-shirt helps this body structure to look muscular. The lighter colored t-shirt mainly – white or pale blue, with v-neckline helps the body to look buff.

2. Baggy Boys Shirts for Overweight Body Types

The long, loose, and breezy t-shirts style perfectly fits men and boys with a broad torso.

The relaxed fit and long length add to the ease of wearing along with making the body appear more elongated and toned.

Darker toned or muted t-shirts with V-neck can make a studier appearance with a smaller waistline.

 Wearing body-hugging t-shirts or oversized t-shirts does not do justice either to the charm you personify or your body.

Hence, opt to style the baggy t-shirt with a fitted pair of trousers to create a striking appearance.

3. Slim Fit T-shirts for Slim and Tall Body Types

A tall, slender body is admired by all including men and women, equally. But only that person knows the painful truth behind styling rightly, as there is a high chance of ending up looking a bit under-nourished or lanky at times.

So, the best t-shirt choice for this body type is the slim fit.

A straight patterned shirt with a relaxed fit and a crew neck can make the broad shoulders look stronger and studier.

Raglan sleeves with round neckline are an excellent choice for shirts for boys, as they are casual and have been in fashion rage nowadays.

Slim Fit T-shirts
Photo by Derick Santos from Pexels
Slim Fit T-shirts
Photo by Derick Santos from Pexels

4. Slim Fit T-shirts for Short Men

We cannot change our height, but we can create the illusion of being taller. The trick is to make your upper body and lower body appear seamless in proportion.

So, opt for the same toned clothes or dark-toned clothes, like black or dark grey. When these dark-toned t-shirts teamed with dark pants, they help in creating an elongated and lengthy illusion.

Slim fit or athletic t-shirt with classic hemline is the best for these body types. They help create a visually elongated look compared to the baggy t-shirts with the extra room as they make you look shorter.

5. Muscle Fit T-shirts for Athletic or Muscular Body Type

If you are a gym-freak or an athlete with bulging strong muscles and are looking for t-shirts that can flaunt your hard-work and good physique, then muscle fit t-shirts are the answers.

Boys shirts with v-neck can make shoulders appear broader while making the waistline look narrower. But do not wear a t-shirt which is too short or too lengthy.

As a short t-shirt can make you look stocky whereas a long t-shirt can make you appear baggy.

A short sleeve exactly right above your bicep can help in flaunting your biceps while making you look clean and crisp.

Camouflage print or army-inspired earthen block colors are in trend for these body types, and when teamed up with any pair of jeans, it looks great. This shirt for boys is one of the most preferred clothing among teenage boys.

Muscle Fit T-shirts for Athletic or Muscular Body Type

Some Points to Remember When Buying Shirt for Boys

There are five generic points to remember while buying a t-shirt:

1. Neckline

There is V-neck, crew neck, and Henley. The neck type in any t-shirt style for men or boys should be in a manner that does not constraint the neck movements.

2. Sleeves

In a classic fit of a t-shirt, the sleeves end at the biceps.

3. Fit

The classic t-shirt style for men has a slim fit.

4. Length

With the three hemlines – classic, split, and elongated, the ideal length of a t-shirt is at the belt or by mid-fly.

5. Shoulders

The T-shirt shoulders end at the beginning of the arm.


T-shirts are bought and worn for the comfort and casual elegance it brings in. Whatever your age might be, men or boys, a good pair of a t-shirt will enhance your style and peppiness.

By remembering the above cues the next time you go for a t-shirt shopping, you will no longer be a novice. You would be able to find the perfect-fitting cloth that does justice to your personality and body.

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