How to Grow Facial Hair & Beard – Grooming, Styling, & Shaving Tips for Men

How to Grow Facial Hair & Beard - Grooming, Styling, & Shaving tips for men

Facial Hair & Beard has been one of the defining features of men from ages. From trends to traditions, facial hair always played a vital role in grooming men. 

From the sleek look to intense, there are many ways to style your facial hair and look your best. 

To look good has become equivalent to how you have groomed and styled your facial hair & beard.

So, what’s keeping you from knowing everything about Facial hair & beards? Here is everything you need to know about grooming, styling, and shaving tips for your beard.

Tips for Grooming Beard

All the things in your life need to be taken care of. From your body to your mind, everything needs its own time. So does your facial hair & beard. 

To groom your beard is one of the most important steps in taking care of it.

As it has been said by experts, grooming your beard is an art. A groomed beard adds to the appearance of a man. Many people believe grooming a beard is an act of self-love. And we are no one to deny it.

Taking care of your body means loving yourself. And what’s bad in doing that?

Grooming your facial hair and beard is a step by step process. You cannot just jump to the end and be done with it and happen to have astounding results.

Grooming your beard takes time. It needs to be loved. Give your beard time to grow fully before getting on any action. 

A beard usually takes 3-4 weeks to grow fully and sometimes longer depends on the growth rate of your facial hair.

Before styling, you need to take care of it with love and patience while it grows. While doing that,

1) Keep Your Facial Hair & Beard Clean:

Keep Your Facial Hair & Beard Clean
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Cleanliness is next to godliness. Keeping your beard clean is the first step in achieving healthy and timely growth. Wash your face regularly. 

Try to follow proper skincare, as along with hair, your skin also plays an important role in the growth of facial hair and beard.

– Cleanse your skin: Choose a cleanser based on your skin type and keep your skin along with your beard clean every day.

– Exfoliate your skin: After cleansing comes exfoliation. Choose an exfoliator based on your skin type and use it regularly. It helps in cleaning your hair follicle that could be filled with dirt and sebum, which could prevent hair growth.

– Use beard oil: A good beard oil can help in taming your beard hair. Which sometimes can go awry. It gives shine and helps in managing your beard & facial hair.

2) Get Yourself a Beard Comb

Your hair needs to be brushed down regularly. A Beard comb helps in killing the frizz off the hair. It gives your hair space to breathe. It kills any kind of entanglement and unruliness.

3) Know your face type and the style of beard ideal for it

As we know, the face type and beard that compliments it accentuate your features and make men look more poised and groomed. 

Your face structure defines your features, so does your beard. A look that goes hand in hand is important to choose from.

4) Invest in a quality trimmer

Invest in a quality trimmer
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The secret behind a good and healthy growth of either facial hair or hair, in general, is to give yourself timely trim. Even if you are thinking of growing them out, it promotes growth and makes your facial hair & beard look healthy.

5) Eat healthily

Believe it or not, your beard is made of protein and fat. A good and balanced diet helps in the growth of healthy hair and keeps your skin healthy too. 

Add some hair-healthy vitamins along with meat, nuts, egg yolk, milk, and leafy green vegetables. And see the magic.

How to Style your facial hair & beard:

Style is evolving every day. From clothes to hair, every year has a different trend. And to keep up with it, one needs the know-how.

It’s not now the love for the beard that has emerged in men. It was since ages that men used to spend hours styling their facial hair and beard.

Here are some tips to know how to get the desired style for your beard.

Start with trimming your beard. Start with your Adam’s apple and work your way up. Fade a little hair from cheeks keeping a low guard of your trimmer. Remember you are just going for little hair trim not a full shave yet.

Establish a look that goes with your facial structure. Facial structure varies from oval to square, and each facial structure has its own defining beard:

facial hair & beard style

1) Oval Face

Oval face Structure requires a goatee look, as your face is already fuller; thus, it doesn’t add that extra volume to your face, which is not required. 

It keeps the hair on your mustache and around your mouth and chin. There is always a scope to grow it a little more but don’t go for a heavy look.

2) Round Face

For the round face, it is ideal to add a length to your chin by going Van Dyke style. You can adjust the hair around your chin to your ideal length to add your signature.

3) Triangular Face

You can always go for a chinstrap look by cleaning your cheeks and maintaining a short beard for the jawline as it is the prominent feature. But if you want to hide your jawline, you can grow your beard fully on all sides.

4) Square Face

The goal for a square face is to hide those sharp angles and for that circular beard is ideal as it has no angle.

Some extra tips to help you through with styling your facial hair and beard the best while maintaining your skin and hair by a good diet and skincare. 

Don’t forget to visit the barber regularly because professionals always have better advice. Maintain the shape by trimming it regularly.

After getting your desired style, don’t forget to give some extra love to your beard by Shampooing and conditioning. Comb your beard thoroughly, after it gets dry, add that extra drop of beard oil.

Grooming and Styling your beard is a task of patience. Both go hand in hand for achieving that look you have been eying for a while.

But if you don’t want your facial hair & beard to grow, you have an option as old as time itself. Go Shave it.

Tips for shaving your facial hair & beard:

shaving your facial hair & beard
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shaving your facial hair & beard
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Shaving is as essential as grooming and styling. Once in a while, it is required to shave your beard fully to give it some rest and time to grow healthily.

While shaving there are few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Don’t shave your face first thing in the morning. Give your skin some time to wake up as it will reduce the cuts and nicks.
  • Prepare your skin by cleansing it and washing it with warm water. Don’t use hot water as it will irritate when you shave later.
  • Apply shaving cream in a circular motion as beard hair grows in all the directions. By applying your shaving cream in a circular direction, it helps to apply it evenly.
  • Use a brush to spread the shaving cream all around the places you want to shave. Don’t forget to wet your face before applying shaving cream. The brush helps in lathering, exfoliating, and removal of dead skin off your face.
  • Go slowly in the opposite direction of your hair growth. It is most important to shave against the direction of your facial hair growth. While you are on it, go slow and short to not to cause any razor burn later.
  • Rinse your Razor after every swipe. Cleaning your razor is essential for a healthy shave. Store it in a dry place. After shaving for 5-7 times from the same razor, dispose of it, and use a new one to reduce irritation after shaving.
  • Acne and Shaving never go hand in hand. If you suffer from acne, shaving could make it worse.

Therefore, use a sharp razor and avoid the place of acne. Or better, try an electric razor or disposable one. See what suits you best.

Taking care of yourself can be a task, but it never goes to waste. Your day to day routine regarding your personal care decides the result in the long term. 

Facial hair & Beard are like an accessory to men. 

A well-groomed look comes together with little of everything, from your clothes to your face. So when it comes to looking your best, start with taking care of your facial hair & Beard.

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