Do This Every day to Get a More Handsome Face!

Do This EVERY Day to Get a MORE Handsome Face!

Secrets of Looking Handsome Effortlessly and Agelessly

When you enter a room full of strangers, what is the first thing they notice about you? Of course, your face. Even before you start talking, your face does all the talking.

If there is one sure shot way to make heads turn, it must be by “looking handsome”. Count your blessings if you are blessed with good age-defying genes.

For everybody else, worry not. We got just the right tips and tricks to teach you, in fact a 30-day crash course designed especially for you.

And no, you are not vain. Looking handsome should not be a crime. (Well, technically it is because looks can kill, right?). Ok, enough with the intro, let us get going!

Start with the Basics First for Looking Handsome!

“Am I handsome?” – Not many youngsters from yesteryears would have asked this question aloud. It just was not considered to be manly to speak about someone’s handsomeness.

But, gone are those days and gone is that hypocrisy. Today’s man is no longer shy to look after himself. He is no longer scared of how society classifies masculinity.

Every morning chant the “Nourish,” “Groom,” “Lifestyle” mantra, and you will observe a sea of difference in yourself.

Three Easy Peasy Ways for Looking Handsome Effortlessly

Looking Handsome Effortlessly
Photo by Curology from Unsplash
Looking Handsome Effortlessly
Photo by drobotdean from Freepik

1. Nourish

Pamper your face and your complexion! Stay away from that bar soap or the body wash that you use for your entire body.
For heaven’s sake, indulge in a good-quality face wash that does not foam up. Simple logic here – More foam, more is the hardness and hence, the harshness.

2. Makes Sense so far?

Next, remind yourself of this word every single day – “Moisturize.” Just dab a few drops of a high-quality Moisturizer on your face and neck soon after cleansing them, and you will be as good as new.

No matter the time, no matter the season, a few drops can provide the much-needed nourishment that your weary skin needs at the end of the day.

Oh, and here again, go in for a moisturizer that is specifically meant for your face, not for the whole body. And while you are at it, ensure that it is a minimum of SPF 20. After all, your skin also needs an umbrella to protect itself from the sun’s harsh UV rays.

3. Groom

Now that you have done half the work of getting your skin ready to look supple and young, it is time to learn the basic grooming principles.

Groom those brows! Oh yeah, your eyebrows are a tremendous defining feature of your face, whether you believe it or not.

They need to be of the right proportion and the right thickness. For the uninitiated, take a comb and keep it to the side of the nose.

It is here that your brows should start ideally and should go on till the corner of your eye. (Trim those extra hair strands to get an even look).

Next, let us talk about facial hair. Not just “Movember,” you need to maintain the right facial hair hygiene for the rest of the months as well for looking handsome.

Ideally, let it grow for a week and shave along boundaries in the next week. And Voila! You would look like a reincarnated form of Adonis!

4. Sounds Intriguing, Right?

Last but definitely not the least. Let us talk about those 32s! A white and bright smile is key to an attractive face! So, grab a whitening strip, or undergo a dental procedure, trust us when we say smiles can be infectious and rewarding.

5. Lifestyle

By now, you must have become a pro at nourishing and grooming your face. But that is all about outer beauty. How about trying to get a permanent glow on your face?

Hmmm…confused? Don’t be.

A few simple tricks to fool your face into thinking it is younger – A permanent way to get that perfect, attractive face.

With your teeth, all whitened and brightened, make it a practice to flash those 32s more often. A pleasing, charismatic personality attracts more adulation.

A key to looking handsome in the most ageless manner is to shed those extra pounds. Get rid of those love handles and the bags of cellulite.

All it takes is cutting down on processed food and opting for whole foods instead. If you could squeeze in a regular exercise regimen, that will be the icing on the cake. Healthy skin is happy skin, remember.

Speaking of healthy skin, get your daily dose of hydration no matter what. Top up your body fluids with at least a gallon of water every day, and you will see your face getting more chiseled by the day.

“Establish a sleep routine.” We know you are busy either with work or perhaps on social media (now, do not you lie. You are still on your phone reading this, right?) Get that REM cycle of 8 hours back in your life else you will be stuck with those stubborn dark circles around those gorgeous eyes.

Shut off all distractions at least one hour before hitting the sack. That means no phones, no TV, no laptop for an hour before going to bed. Give your always-on-the-move mind some rest.

Beauty sleep requires a beautiful ambience. So, dim those lights and chill the room a bit to transport your mind to a state of Nirvana. Looking handsome is, after all, a result of feeling relaxed.


Looking handsome
Photo by bruce mars from Unsplash

Looking handsome is not rocket science, but it is definitely something that even the most macho of the men should try to achieve. (Even if not in the open but secretly)

After all, it is time to break down those stereotypes when looking presentable was considered to be a good woman’s area of expertise.

Man or Woman, first impressions do matter. Every man needs to ask himself one pertinent question every morning – ” Am I handsome?”

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