“I’m Leaving Her”. (Knowing it’s Time to Breakup)

I'm Leaving Her. (Knowing it's Time to Breakup)

Believe it or disregard it, it takes a lot of efforts to maintain relationships no matter how good they are. 

Sometimes a few relationships disappoint you in a way that you would have had never imagined. 

Spending too much time swinging in myriad shades of indecision will only make it worse for you. It will only go on to erode the institution of the relation to an edge from where you will not be able to make it back. 

If you have tried almost everything to work on the relationship but yet experienced unsuccess, there will be no leeway to make it back. 

Therefore, breaking up is likely not just the option but the best decision ever that you can make.  Here, take a sneak peek to know when it is time to leave her knowing it is time to break up:-

Lack of Trust

Moving on may be emotionally devastating, but that is what would bring peace into your life in the long run. 

Love has no meaning if it is not backed by trust. Love is indeed built on the foundation of trust. Relationships that are not woven into the thread of faith cannot survive testing times. 

It is during the process of trust-building, we go on to give ourselves to others. Having trust in the relationship does not mean that it will be free from any kinds of flaws. 

It simply reflects how much we can let go because of the certain level of trust we have on somebody. Unfortunately, many men continue to cheat their partners, thinking that they will never get caught. 

Well, such men need to understand that there is something called “conscience”. If your partner trusts you, it is your responsibility to value that trust. Unfortunately, cheating in relationships has become rampant these days. 

You simply cannot cheat on someone whom you love because cheating and love both cannot co-exist together. Cheating, in fact, is the symptom of a weak relationship no matter how committed a relationship is. 

Have you begun feeling off lately that the whole vicious cycle of cheating, apologizing, swearing on God and staying committed has already started taking a toll on the mental health of you and your partner? 

If yes, then it is indeed time to decide that “I’m Leaving Her”. (Knowing it’s Time to Breakup). 

If you are not able to convince yourself about the same, then ask yourself that will it make sense to get stuck up in limbo for years in this vicious cycle where your partner’s trust begins to deteriorate day by day. 

Incompatible Value System

Incompatible Value System
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
Incompatible Value System
Photo by Vera Arsic from Pexels

Long-term relationship success is impossible with an incompatible partner, especially in terms of values. Compatibility in the context of hobbies and habits can still be managed. 

Being in a relationship with someone who is not compatible is certainly more challenging than what you could imagine, especially in the context of the relationship style (polyamorous vs monogamous). 

If your partner is expecting you to be monogamous, but you are polyamorous, it is time to make up your mind that “”I’m Leaving Her””. (Knowing it’s Time to Breakup). 

The essence of this decision lies is that if she is someone who values honesty more than anything, she is likely to be unhappy with you who constantly lie because of being polyamorous.

Lack of Respect

You both love each other and trust each other but hey do you treat each other well almost all the times? 

Respectful treatment is yet another most important aspect of a relationship. A relationship that is unfulfilling and unhealthy is ultimately meant to let go. 

You may come up with several logics to continue with a relationship even when your partner constantly continues to let you down even over small things. 

The truth is if you are compelled to seek emotional fulfilment outside your relationship, then it is time to make a decision that “I’m Leaving Her”. (Knowing it’s Time to Breakup).

Controlling Behaviour and Manipulation

Family and friends play the most pivotal life in one’s life, and your life is no exception to it. If your partner aims to gain control of your life and has a problem with you over spending time with your family and friends, it is time to take a hard decision. 

Also, if your family and friends do not support your relationship, you need to understand the gravity of the situation. 

They are the people who know us in and out, and they can, at times, better understand what is good for us while we continue to be blinded out of love. 

If they have been encouraging you to get past the fear of break up with your partner, do not delay anymore in finally making up your mind that “I’m Leaving Her”. (Knowing it’s Time to Breakup).

Abusive Relationship

Abusive Relationship
Photo by Yanalya from Freepik

It is not just the women who experience an abusive relationship. Surprisingly, one in ten men becomes victims of partner violence.

If your partner is abusive no matter emotionally or physically, dude it is time to make a life-changing emotional decision that “I’m Leaving Her”. (Knowing it’s Time to Breakup). 

After all, self-respect and self-love are those two things that you cannot renounce just for the sake of being in a relationship.

It is a common tendency to stay in a relationship by a man when he has already invested a considerable amount of efforts and time in a relationship. 

It is exactly like a universal money investment trend “sunk cost effect” where a preceding investment goes on to lead to continuous investment despite it is not fetching you happiness.

 If this mentality is what compelling you to feel obliged to continue sticking to your partner, it is time to put on a brave face for the sake of your long-term sanity. 

You need to change your mindset by accepting the bitter truth that to reap the rewards of previous investment; you need not ruin your future. 

Take the ultimate call to come to a decision that “I’m Leaving Her”. (Knowing it’s Time to Breakup).

The Bottom Line

If the abovementioned reasons are unable to compel you to make up your mind to end things before it gets too late, you need to ask certain crucial questions to yourself. 

Do you feel that you have difficulty in confronting your partner time and again? 

Are you constantly cautious of how to act around your partner or feeling anxious in her presence? 

If yes then it is crystal clear sign of a dismal compromising relationship where you need to muster the courage of making up your mind that “I’m Leaving Her”. (Knowing it’s Time to Breakup). 

Last but not least, one of the biggest ways to put an end to the confusion of “to be” and “not to be” in a relationship is asking yourself that are you behaving very much like your normal self? 

If not, then it is time to do the needful before it gets too late.

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