6 Simple Things ANY Guy Can Do To Have A BETTER Smile

6 Simple Things ANY Guy Can Do To Have A BETTER Smile

Humans are among the few species on Earth who can express their emotions via a pleasant smile or a cheery grin. Certain studies have shown that men who can express sentiments and smile delightfully are bound to have a higher success rate in engaging women. 

A perfect toothy grin is what many can only wish for; a charming pitch is often challenging to attain. Perfect smiles are not a thing of the past but are indeed rare these days. 

Celebrities and models dwell quite a lot on their “media-style-laugh” and are willing to spend a fortune for the best smile. 

But what about the average guy right around the corner?

There are certainly a few inexpensive things that a guy can do daily to make lasting first impressions and exude the appeal of graciousness. 

Below we have listed six tips to get that cherry, friendly appearance, and look completely natural while doing it. Read on to find out more!

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

This is a phrase most commonly heard in academic settings, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t imply in other situations as well. 

Practicing to smile in the mirror can boost the confidence of the doer and also point out certain obvious flaws. 

One can always take 10 minutes out of their daily schedule and practice a chuckle or smile that makes them feel appealing. 

Betterment is always in the best interest of everyone and working on that goofy grin will provide a perfect ice-breaker in almost all circumstances!

Teeth Whitening Option is Always on the Table

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This tip is more on the expensive side. Certain treatments cost quite a lot, but they do provide self-assurance and a certain poise. 

Most people are comfortable with the natural yellowish shade of their teeth, and while that seems the way to go, whitening isn’t a bad option to consider. 

Some treatments can be administered at home by the individual himself, without the need of going to a dental clinic. 

Moreover, if this is what makes the individual want to smile more often, then be it! Comfort is of prime importance, and that’s how one can get that feeling of belongingness easily.

Pay Close Attention to Hygiene

“Brush two times a day compulsorily!” is something that most of the people have heard from their dentist at least once in their lifetime. 

Dental hygiene is often not given prime importance during the childhood and teenage stages which may lead to bad teeth and gum swelling. This, in turn, negatively affects the smiling quotient! 

Many brands advertise overall impeccable health of the consumer’s mouth and should be tried out for the perfect fit. 

Brushing twice a day, flossing regularly, and using good quality products is essential to maintain decent dental hygiene. If the teeth are clean, one’s ready to show them off to the world!

Let the Eyes do the Speaking

Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash
Photo by Jeff Tumale on Unsplash

A smile can often be interpreted as fake and pompous if it doesn’t quite reach the eyes. Sparkling eyes are a strong indicator of keen enthusiasm and interest. 

Emotions often threaten to spill out of the eyes, and that’s what makes the eyes windows to the person’s soul. Most of the guys forget to channel their inner thoughts appropriately, and thus the entire conversation can be fruitless. 

Moreover, the smile can look overdone and phony to the viewer. When the smile reaches an individual’s eyes, it seems genuine and makes the person easier to trust. Let those small crinkles be seen!

Cross-Checking is Beneficial

Ever saw someone staring at you weirdly after you had a huge lunch? It’s most probably due to the piece of spinach or cheese awkwardly stuck in those tiny gaps between your teeth. 

Stealing a quick look in the mirror after eating anything can reduce the peculiar stares and finger-pointing. 

One also needs to understand that cross-checking doesn’t mean being obsessive; continuously finding a mirror to stare at can make the individual prone to be the center of cliché hygiene jokes. 

A glance in a rear-view mirror or your phone’s front camera can provide enough guarantee that nothing atrocious is going with your smile!

Use Lip Products Freely

This is a controversial tip that many guys often deter to apply in real life. Gender roles marked by the society have rendered the use of face products too “feminine” for guys to try. 

However, there’s also no way to keep the sensitive skin of the lips soft and protect it from various pollutants. 

Having full, soft lips can make a smile seem ten times more attractive. Nowadays, multiple brands have launched their collection of lip balms, specifically for men to use. 

Taking good care of not only the teeth but also the lips is what makes the smile wholesome and lucrative to look at!

A smile can be considered an art; it can have the effect the artist wants and change perceptions. Confidence is key to the entire process. One can always rehearse certain poses and stances that will boost their sureness. 

Also, there’s no shame in going to a specialist to discuss issues and get effective solutions. Every problem, if not accounted for, can lead to a full-blown concern. 

Practice the tips mentioned above daily, and one can get results they have been pining for ever since their first permanent teeth eruption!

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