10 Things Slowly Making You Ugly

10 Things SLOWLY Making You UGLY

There are many bad habits that we develop depending on our lifestyles. We follow a busy lifestyle where we are busy with our work routine, eat junk foods, smoke, and sleep late. 

As a result, we develop some bad habits that gradually affect our health with time. This is, especially in the case of men living away from families to earn money.

Whether we like it or not, but we have developed some bad habits that affect our mental and physical health badly. We do not realize it now, but with time, these habits make you look ugly. 

Therefore, it is the need of the hour that we should stop these bad habits and make our life happy and healthy. Here are such few bad habits:

Excessive Alcohol

We all use alcohol to relax and enjoy, but many of the people are used to it and take it daily. It is good if you take it for relaxing, celebrating, and having fun.

Excessive use of alcohol can damage your health and can create many health problems. It may lead to different types of cancer. 

Hence, cut down the quantity of alcohol you take each time. Also, try to cut down the number of times you consume alcohol a week. Your health will start improving gradually.


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Smoking is always bad for health whether you smoke while drinking or you are a chain smoker. 

You will get to bear the consequences of smoking. It causes facial wrinkles, yellowing teeth, and also makes you less attractive.

It does not only harm your health but also can affect your personal life by lessening your romance. Cigarette smoking may lead to mouth, lungs, and liver cancer. 

So, try to decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke a day. And, avoid smoking while drinking.

No Exercise

Exercising should be a part of our daily life. It helps to boost energy, fighting diseases, and repairing health. 

Exercising daily keeps you and your skin glowing and fresh. It removes the toxins and increases blood circulation in the body.

Apart from this, it decreases the risks of any diseases and keeps you looking younger. Despite these benefits, how can you miss exercising daily? As it does not take any cost.

Lack of Sleep

Lack of Sleep
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A night of proper sleep keeps your body healthy and fresh. These days, many people are used to sleeping late at night, and it results in gaining weight and dark circles. Lack of sleep lessens the age and also invites many diseases.

A good sleep gives you glowing skin and freshness. So, make sure that you take proper sleep of 6 to 7 hours daily to avoid health issues.

Drinking too Much Coffee

A cup of coffee may help your body to keep fresh and is enough to soothe the nerves in your body, but it also has many side effects. 

Taking too much coffee dehydrates the skin, causes dark circles and makes you look older.

Try to reduce the quantity of your coffee and keep yourself hydrated. Make sure that you stick to this routine.

Eating too much Junk

Eating too much Junk
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Eating out has become part of our lifestyles. This is due to the busy lifestyles and frequent parties with friends on weekends. 

Also, many men stay away from their families due to work. They, unlovingly, have to depend upon the junk for their food.

Junk food is oily and has a high sugar content that gradually makes a person addictive. This addiction not only makes you fat but also affects your overall health. This oily junk food also affects the skin and slowly makes you ugly.

Being with Negative People

Being in a company with negative people is another source of stress in your life. Firstly, they are always discouraging and give negative feedback. 

Secondly, they make you lose your credibility and won’t let you grow. As a result of this, your life will become stressful and negative.

The stress in your life will affect your skin, health, and your overall immunity. Therefore, stay away from such people and use your energy constructively. This will make your life happy and positive.


The busy lifestyle and race for success and money give you a lot of stress. 

Work for long hours in the office, fight for the promotions and salary hikes are some such habits. These habits make life stressful that gradually affects health.

This is because, with time, the stress starts affecting the body. This effect is visible in the form of gray hairs, dull skin, and tiredness. All this together makes you look ugly, and a stressful man does not look attractive.

Not Replacing the Shaving Blade Regularly

Not Replacing the Shaving Blade Regularly
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Not changing the shaving blade frequently is another bad habit of men. This initially seems alright, but it also has long-term effects. 

Using the same shaving blade for a long time is unhygienic. This is because it leads to the risk of infection, burns, and ingrown hairs.

So, make a habit of changing the shaving blade weekly and keep your charm long-lasting.

Skipping Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is another common habit that affects the health of men. They skip breakfast for different reasons such as getting late to work, waking up late on weekends, etc. 

Breakfast makes the necessary part of your meal that contributes to the overall energy required for the day.

Skipping breakfast will affect metabolism in a negative manner that will ultimately have a bad impact on the future. So, take a healthy breakfast, which is a mix of protein, carbohydrate, and fat.


These were some common bad habits which are difficult to resist. But, considering the overall health, it is necessary to get rid of these. 

Start working on these today to leave them and live a healthy life.

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