Men Summer Fashion Essentials: 2020 Style Guide

Men Summer Fashion Essentials

It is a common yet an understated fact that we want men to look stylish, but we barely talk about men’s summer fashion. Summer is the season of cool prints, hot trunks, icy cocktails, and even hotter bodies. So why keep men away from fashion?

Men too should know all about the latest summer fashion accessories, the most stylish trends, and what suits their body types. And that is exactly what we are going to tell you here.

So, roll up your sleeves and get ready, because it’s going to get hot in here!

Men’s summer fashion shirts

When we talk about men’s summer clothes, the first thing that strikes our minds is the shirts. We all love men in trendy shirts, and summer offers a great variety of stylish shirts for men. But, before they jump into trends and fashion, men must choose the right fabrics for the season.

Summer means a lot of heat, sweat, and moisture, and hence, the fabrics we should wear in this season, must be airy and breathable. 

Choosing the right fabric makes a lot of difference because softer and lighter fabrics absorb sweat and moisture, and keeps you fresh and odor-free for long hours.

And just before your head starts to spin reading all these intricacies, let us dive into the kind of shirts you all can pick this summer season.

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1. Linen Shirts

One of our top choices and the best summer fashion accessories for men is a classic linen shirt. Linen is the most popular fabric because it is super light, airy, and breathable. 

The material not only absorbs quickly but also dries fast, which is an absolute need for the summer season. And if you’re someone who’s not a fashionista, let us tell you that a linen shirt can never go wrong!

2. Short-Sleeve Shirts

Gone are the days when men were only expected to wear half sleeves or full sleeves. Men’s summer fashion has undergone a tremendous evolution over the years, and short sleeve shirts are a result of that. 

Let’s all thank fashion for that because summer is synonymous with fewer clothes and short sleeves serves the purpose.

Men’s summer pants

For ages, we’ve been paying not much attention to summer pants. For us, men’s pants include either jeans or trousers, that are either black or blue. 

But, times have changed and so has men’s summer clothes. There is a good variety of breathable, yet stylish fabrics that make for great summer pants. Here are our top picks.

1. Shorts

Yes, you heard us right. Shorts are the trendiest item on the men’s summer fashion list this year. Shorts are not just comfortable, but they look super stylish when paired with the right shirts and summer fashion accessories. 

You can choose from classic denim shorts (safe call) to cotton, light denim, or even chino shorts. They come in nice pastel shades that look light, cool, airy, and summery!

2. Chino Pants

If you’re a fashionista, you would know that Chino pants are here to stay. They have become an all-season essential item when it comes to men’s summer pant collection. These are the most comfortable pants, and they look good on almost everyone.

You can pick a loose fit or a slim fit chino pant, in a khaki, navy blue, or even an off white shade to go with literally every shirt hanging in your wardrobe. 

Chino pants make for a great casual, formal, or even a semi-formal summer look.

Men’s summer shoes

Don’t we all know how much men love their shoes? And they do it because shoes speak a lot about your fashion sense. No summer collection for men is complete without a great variety of summer shoes that add an oomph to your look. Here are few shoes that we think are making headlines in men’s summer fashion this season.

1. Boat Shoes

Just like the name suggests, boat shoes have a wave-like rubber sole that prevents tripping on slippery surfaces, and also absorbs sweat and moisture. They are airy and look good with shorts and pants in equal measures. 

Because of the comfort and style, they add to your daily fashion, boat shoes have become a must-have summer fashion accessory for men.

2. Sandals

Don’t judge us already because we are here to help you. While sandals did not have a very good reputation earlier, they are back in the market and how. The biggest brands are selling sandals these days because they make for a great pair of summer shoes.

When going out for a casual brunch or chilling at the beach, pair your shorts and shirt with some stylish sandals and make the girls drool over your look. 

And if you want up the ante, then get your hands on a pair of Birkenstocks. They are a more stylish and fashionable version of the good old flip flops and can add a pinch of glamour to your everyday look.

Men’s summer fashion accessories

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Of course, men wear accessories, and for us, men’s summer fashion is incomplete without a list of the trendiest summer fashion accessories that all you guys need to add to your wardrobe.


A good and stylish pair of sunglasses does a lot for your fashion game. Summer is all about heat and dust, and it is important to protect your eyes while you take that walk at the beach.

2. Baseball Caps

Yes, a baseball cap or even a 5-panel hat makes for a great summer fashion accessory. Not just it adds to your looks but also protects your hair from the extra heat and sweat.

3. Colognes/ Deos

We all know the moisture and sweat that summer brings with it can lead to bad odor. And buoy do we need that? 

Please go shopping right away and buy yourself a handful of good and long-lasting colognes or deos to make sure you always smell fresh and pleasant even under the sun.

4. No Show Socks

Last but not the least. Now that we are talking about keeping it stylish this summer season, then why not talk about socks. Socks are an essential part of men’s clothing and no show socks are a stylish take on the plain jane striped formal socks. 

You can wear them under your shorts to avoid sweating in the feet, but because they won’t be visible, they’ll still look great.

We hope that after giving this article a good read, you’re now well acquainted with men’s summer fashion essentials for 2020. For more such helpful information, subscribe to our blog!

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