How to Choose the Right Collar Styles for Your Face Shape

The RIGHT Collar For YOUR Face Shape!

Men do not need a lot of choices; they just need the right choice. Of course, the shoes and other ultimate accessories are also into the game.

But the right dress shirt collar is something that defines a man’s personality. Yet, by having oodles of options available, picking the perfect collar of a shirt can be a real pain.

Whether you are a fashion freak or a novice, choosing the right shirt collars based on your face is pretty challenging. The surplus shirt collar jargon that big brands drop does not help either.

The good news is that the right style is there, the only dare is to discover it. Do not despair! If you are looking to explore a wider range of shirt collars to pick a perfect style, you’ve landed at the right place.

In this guide, we have compiled some of the common confusions related to shirt collars that men often have. So, if you are wondering how to choose the best collar of a shirt, this ultimate guide is for you.

How to Choose the Best Shirt with Collars as per Your Face Shape?

Shirt with Collars
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While everyone appreciates a varied and versatile wardrobe, dressing as per your body type and face shape is incredibly important.

In the context of shirt collars, wise dressers always stock their closet with the styles that harmonize their face’s shape. If you are unsure how to pick the perfect types of shirts with collars, this guide is just for you.

A Point Collar Flatters a Guy with a Round Shape: -

A narrow point shirt collar suits well to a man with a wide, round face – one that has a softer jawline, shorter neck length, and is not overly tall. Still unsure about your face type? You may have such a face shape if you are overweight. The spread of a Point collar is small, and its tips peak down vertically. The vertical direction of the shirt collar slimming the dresser’s round face and drawing an observer’s eyes up and down. While Point collars come in various degrees of spread, one with a narrow spread is truly for the man with a wide, round face.

“What such a shirt collar says about you:- You are a straightforward traditionalist who loves the classics.”

Spread Collar Flatters

A Spread Collar Flatters a Guy with an Oval Face: -

As obvious from the name, the stretch of a Spread collar is a little wider than a narrow point collar.

It looks good on a man with a thin, oval face – one that is long, has a sharp jawline, and a taller neck.

If you flaunt a standard height and weight, a spread collar is just for you.

The spread of a Spread collar is wide, and its tips point out horizontally. The horizontal orientation of the shirt collar balances out the wearer’s long thin face and draws the viewer’s eyes side-to-side.

What such a shirt collar says about you:- You love investing a little time and effort into your dressing. As a result, you stand out in a typical corporate environment, but not too much.

A Windsor or Cutaway Collar Flatters a Guy with an Oblong Face: -

The Windsor collar, also known as the Cutaway collar, has an extremely wide distance between the Collar Points. It flatters a man with an oblong face – one that is narrow, has a moderate jawline, and medium neck height.

Put it simply, if your face shape falls somewhere between round and oval face, Windsor collar is for you.

Windsor shirt collar works best without a tie with the top two open buttons. Men with diamond and heart-shaped faces can also try dressing the Windsor or Cutaway collar styles.

What such a shirt collar says about you:- You are a bold, confident, and sartorially-inclined man, who wishes to create a style statement wherever he goes.

Windsor or Cutaway Collar Flatters

A Club Collar Flatters a Guy with a Square Face: -

The Club collar is very similar to the Square collar and comes with a narrow spread and vintage appearance.

It looks good on men with square faces – one that has a softer jawline and shorter neck length.

The Club collar has a very minimal distance between the spreads, elongating the wearer’s face making it visually balanced.

Men with such facial structures can also try Tab collar and Button-Down collar styles.

What such a shirt collar says about you: – You have devoted time to comprehend classic tailored men’s fashion and have come up with sartorial nirvana.

Still on the subject of facial anatomy? Unable to find the perfect collar style for your particular face shape?

Well, worry not! The world of men’s shirt collars is pretty wide and caters to everyone’s needs based on their facial structure, neck height, body type, and unique personality.

No matter in which category your face shape falls into, Classic Point Collar, The Button-Down Collar Wing Collar, and band collar are for you. These shirt collars are the bold choice for all the men out there.

With a little dressing sense, you can adapt any type of shirt collars, and create your style statement.

For instance, men with longer necks should endure higher collar stands such as two-button versions, and men with shorter necks should withstand low collar stands to show a little more skin.


The men’s fashion world is jam-packed with various types of shirts and color styles. The only thing you need to do is to find your favorite pick as per your facial structure and physique. I hope this ultimate guide on how to choose the perfect shirt collars for your face shape will help you approach men’s shirt shopping with more knowledge.

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