Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe for Men

Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe for Men

We have been seeing men slipping into their perfectly tailored suits. Can you figure out the reason? Well, women have been raving about men dressed in formals. 

And we don’t know any man who doesn’t want some attention from women. But going down the traditional formal way is not really convenient.

When you have to deal with your business, but the traditional formals are not your thing, business casuals will be your rescue mission. They help you slay the fashion game and still look professional. 

After all, we are all past the hard and fast rules of formal clothing. When we mention the term “Casual Business”, you better ditch your suits. Bring on your easy-going side and make a casual statement at your workplace.

However, don’t go overboard with casualness. Casual business doesn’t include your jeans, t-shirts, flip-flops or anything you’d wear to the beach.

The causal factor of your business wear depends on your workplace and its dress code. There is an evident difference between the dress code of professionals at a law firm and start-up professionals. 

Whatever may be the setup, fashion connoisseurs believe it is better to be overdressed for work rather than being under-dressed.

Hence, you need to have a business casual capsule wardrobe. Business casual wardrobe has some elements that make it classy and irresistible.

This guide of “Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe for Men” will make the difference on how your personality shines in Business Casual wear.

Why Should You Opt For Business Casual Wear?

Business Casual Wear
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With lesser options in formals, business casual wear comes with a wide variety of choices. With more freedom of choice, comes the confusion, and that is where capsule wardrobes come in. After all, everything that comes in a capsule is necessary!

This simplified collection of clothing should be timeless and should be prone to all the modification in trends of fashion. When you decide to create a capsule wardrobe, you decide on saving money.

How To Create A Business Casual Wear Capsule?

When you appear in formals at your workplace, you tend to feel that you are in the same clothes each day. With Business Casual Wear, you can create numerous combinations and permutations to wear clothes. 

Hence, the pieces in this wardrobe should go with each other to increase the combination of the sets.

With minor changes in the elements, you can change the whole outfit and make a professional yet casual impression. A fully functional business casual capsule wardrobe consists of 37 pieces.


Business Casual Wear
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
Business Casual Wear
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Sportcoats and blazers are the keys to the look, and you’ve got to have them stocked up. If you’re a regular with such outfits, you need to have at least five of them. 

In case you know you are not going to pull off this look often, invest in a superior quality navy blue blazer.

This classic garment is easy to pair with various items of clothing. You can add some quirky buttons to oomph up the blazer and bring in the casualness. 

You can also go ahead and get a checkered sports blazer to elevate this look. The colours you buy can depend on the weather and your experimental streak.


This necessity is the one element that needs to take more space in your closet. A man needs to have at least 10 of them even if we are talking about a capsule wardrobe. 

Get yourself button-down shirts with a collar. You can go for plain, checkered or striped shirts. You can add a tie to make it more formal or skip it altogether and keep your top button unbuttoned.

While talking about colours, it is vital to invest in pastel colours. The key is to go for earthy, dark solid tones to pair up with pastels. 

Avoid bright colours as it makes the outfit rigid, whereas light colours help you be flexible with combinations. You may also add some polo t-shirts in basic solid shades. 

Whatever you wear, make sure you tuck them in.


Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

In a capsule wardrobe, have three of them, and experts say having six of them is more practical. You can choose your favourable trousers from dress pants, flannels, khakis or chinos, and corduroys.

Depending on the weather and your mood, you can go for darker or lighter colours. Grey, charcoal, beige, and navy are the shades that help you be flexible with your combinations.

Vests, Cardigans, and Sweaters

When we step in the cooler months of the year, cardigans, vests, and sweaters are an essential part of our outfit. Also, they give a professional yet casual vibe to the attire you put them on. 

Colours that are in contrast with your jacket will make a perfect cardigan. Go for beige or grey colours if you are building a capsule wardrobe.

If you wear a tie with your outfit, opt for V-neck sweaters otherwise crew neck suits the best. In the latest trend, turtle neck sweaters are favourite for most men as they give you a classy appearance without adding any accessories.


Three pieces of outwear should be added to your capsule wardrobe to survive the winters in style. It may have a pea coat and a trench coat in your collection depending on the weather that stays in your region. 

While travelling to highly cooler regions, make sure you carry a fur coat to survive from the chilly winds.


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Okay, this one is most precious for men. We know how footwear collections can leave men drooling. Moreover, no business attire is complete without a perfect pair of footwear. And when we talk about casual business attire, derby and oxfords are excellent choices.

Mock strap shoes or loafers are also going to do the deed. In boots, you may go for chukka, Jodhpur, Balmoral or Chelsea boots as they are going to make you look dapper. 

Three pairs of shoes and two pairs of boots are necessary for a capsule format wardrobe. Go for colours like brown and burgundy would be suitable.


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Photo by Nab Visuals on Unsplash

When you have the rest of your outfit ready, it’s time you focus your time on accessories. Your accessories can make or break the whole idea of a casual business wardrobe. 

Hence, choose wisely! Ties and square pockets with more texture and prints can elevate the entire look. Go for contrasting colours that make you stand out professionally.

Some people go for boutonnieres to make a statement subtly. When we take a look at your feet, you can amp up your footwear by adding shoelaces that may compliment your outfit. 

Also, make sure your socks are over the calf.

Even in capsule format, accessories shouldn’t be limited to a number. Add them more to give a different look to the same outfit, every time you wear it.

Pro Tip: If you haven’t worn something out of your capsule wardrobe in a long time, there’s a high probability that you don’t like that particular piece of clothing. Hence, try moving it out of your life and add something you will wear more often.


Now that we have listed down all the elements of the capsule business casual wardrobe, you can build your own. Style is multi-fold and you can add your personal touch to it. 

The whole look depends on how you like to pull off the business casual look. Capsule wardrobes make dressing simpler and are cost-effective as well. 

Build a wardrobe that fits well with all seasons and moods.

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