10 Healthy Hair Hacks Every Guy Should Try!

Healthy Hair Hacks Every Guy Should Try

Managing hair is nothing short of a daunting challenge for men. Most of the time, they prefer washing their hair and just leave it at that.

They hardly want to spend time developing good hair habits. They must know that men’s hair needs as much care and styling as women’s hair does. 

Men’s hair is among the first things noticed by people and is an important part of his personality. Here are the Top 10 tips on growing hair and keeping them healthy that shall help you manage your crowning glory.

1. Wash Men Hair with Raw Eggs

It may sound a bit yucky, but it will give some solace to know that egg yolk has been used as a natural treatment for hair since the 11th Century.

Modern men still use this healthy hair hack to keep their hair well-nourished.

One of the major components of egg yolk, Sulphur, is an excellent hair component. Every 100 g of the egg contains 164 mg of Sulphur. Raw eggs promote healthy growth and hair smoothness, making hair feel softer due to its high-fat content.

2. Deep-Condition Your Hair

The next hack that will help manage men’s hair well is deep conditioning. If you love sporting voluminous, dense hair that is easy to manage and tough to beat in looks, add deep hair conditioning to your hair management ritual.

Choose a good quality sulfate-free conditioner that improves the texture of hair and keep it soft and shiny. Hair conditioning must be a weekly activity.

It gives an extra nudge to your mane towards perfection. Blend in conditioning gently into your hair before shower and leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing it out. It helps to smoothen hair.

3. Add Proteins to Your Diet

Another must follow healthy hair hack for men hair is adding proteins to the diet. As per doctors, protein is the major structural component of hair. Thus, adding protein to diet naturally aids good hair health. More is the protein content in your diet, the better your hair grows.

Make it a point to add protein-rich foods like turkey, chicken, legumes, fish, dairy, and nuts to the diet. Ensure that there are enough B-Complex vitamins, Zinc, Vitamin D, and other essential nutrients in food that are good for hair growth. Look for high-quality supplements that can meet your body’s nutritional demands.

4. Avoid Over Treating Your Hair

Every few months, some new hair treatment options come up. Many suave and uber-cool gentlemen fall prey to these treatments.

It is important to note that chemical treatments and over-processing hair using relaxer and keratin treatments can damage hair leaving it bone dry. It also results in excessive hair breakage issues.

Men must limit their salon appointments and go easy with chemical treatments. Avoid dyeing and bleaching hair as it contains ammonia and other harsh chemicals that destroy hair strands. Instead, use moisturizing products that can help to heal chemically treated hair.

Avoid Over Treating Your Hair
Photo by mohamed Abdelgaffar from Pexels
Avoid Over Treating Your Hair
Photo by Kristina Polianskaia from Pexels

5. Hot Showers- a Strict No-No

Even at the peak of winters, men must avoid washing their hair with extremely hot water. Hot water is very damaging to hair. It results in tangled hair prone to breakages. Set your water temperature at a moderate level.

Even if you enjoy taking hot showers in winters, make it a point to turn down a bit when washing your hair. It will keep the moisture retained in your hair.

6. Limit Your Blow Dryer use

It is true, mornings are very hectic, but resorting to the use of blow dryers every morning to dry your hair right after taking a shower is a grave mistake.

As per celebrity stylists, excessive use of a blow dryer can damage men’s hair and leave it dry and brittle.

Hair is relatively less elastic when wet and, as such, gets damaged easily. Exposing it to too much heat by using a dryer to dry hair right after a shower can exacerbate the problem of hair breakage. 

A hair dryer must be used when 80 percent of hair is dry. It must be essentially used for styling. Keep it at a distance so that the dryer’s hot air does not wreak havoc with your hair strands.

7. Keep Hair Safe from Excess Heat

If at all, you must use a flat iron or blow dryer to style your hair, ensure applying a heat protector so that men’s hair stays protected from excessive heat. The heat protectors are available easily at many convenience stores.

8. Avoid Frequent Shampooing of Men Hair

Another healthy men’s hair hack that must be followed to keep your hair safe and protected is avoiding excessive use of shampoo. Despite using gentle shampoos, it has certain chemicals that can damage hair strands. Its frequent use means exposing hair to greater damage.

Keep the frequency to three washes a week. It will also mean lesser use of a blow dryer to style hair, keeping the hair safe and stronger as much as possible.

9. Put your fingertips to use

Instead of using your nails to scratch your scalp, use your fingertips to massage the scalp gently. You can also style your hair using fingertips. It will avoid any damage to the scalp and hair due to excessive scratching and gouging.

10. Get Your Hair Trimmed Once in a While

Get Your Hair Trimmed Once in a While
Photo by mostafa meraji on Unsplash

Trimming is also one of the most important men’s hair hacks that promotes healthy hair growth. Failing to do so results in split ends, also referred to as Schizotrichia in medical terms. It occurs when hair fibers get frayed.

It is a natural wear and tears process of hair as it is exposed to snow, rain, sun, and other abuse thrown at you by nature. Check out tips to grow hair and sport a mane if you think it will look good with your personality.

Go for regular hair trimming and ensure split ends are removed. Split ends hamper hair growth and health. Thus, it is recommended to cut off hair tips and promote healthy hair growth.

A big shout to hairstyling men who would love keeping their hair healthy and well-managed! Following these healthy hair hacks can help you keep your hair nice and soft. Moderation is the key. Follow these tips and sport softer, shinier, and smoother hair.

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